[Ground Rules for Sustainable Zen]  

You are a writer, a musician, a painter, or someone who just needs a little extra space to work towards that elusive... something. We’re so glad you’re here!

  • Your membership includes 24/7 use of the studio space, kitchenette, slop sink, Audio/Visual iMac workstation, and back yard.

  • Your membership does not include use of other member’s gear, instruments, tools, and/or materials without permission. But do ask, we like to share!

The .WAVCAVE Studio is a place of inspiration and creativity. That being said, please help keep the studio organized by cleaning your dishes, taking out the trash if you’ve eaten food, and organizing your gear and materials after sessions.

[Toxic Materials]

Feel free to engage in mixed media activities on the left side of the studio. Painting, clay sculpting, drawing - it’s all good dude, get messy.

  • Important: toxic materials like resin, wood stain, and oil paints should never be used indoors.

For a full list of toxic materials that should only be used in the back yard with plenty of air, please visit this link:

Let’s keep those lungs healthy!

[Noise Levels]

Because the studio is within a residential building, we need to respect our neighbors.

  • Please contain loud music and noise to the hours of 10am - 10pm.

[.WAVCAVE Calendar]

Your membership includes 24/7 access, but remember to check the .WAVCAVE calendar to avoid practicing your trap house DJ set during a poetry reading or important meeting.

  • To check existing events and add your own events to the .WAVCAVE Studio calendar, please click here.

Scheduling does not guarantee private studio time, but ensures that other members will be mindful of the space during that block of time.

[Small Events]

Have you always wanted to host a class? Writing workshop? Dinner? Radio show? Please do! And add it to the .WAVCAVE calendar.

  • Keep in mind that because the studio is within a residential building, we should respect our neighbors. Small events are around 10-20 people and have a purpose in mind.

Drunk chaotic dance ragers don’t fall into the small events category. For a list of venues and booking contacts within the .WAVCAVE network that are perfect for drunk chaotic dance ragers, please check out this list.

[Monthly .WAVCAVE Growth Meetings]

Once a month, we invite you to attend our growth meetings. These meetings are held to promote collaboration on the first Thursday of each month.

We all have different skills and opportunities that can help each other’s personal, professional, and creative goals. Let’s talk!

[Monthly Fee and Deposit]

The .WAVCAVE Studio membership fee is $150 per month, to be paid in full on the 1st or 15th of the month, depending on when your membership starts. Membership renews every four months, pending available studio space.

A $150 deposit will be kept in case of accidental or purposeful harm to the space, furniture, tools, and/or musical instruments by a member. The $150 deposit will be returned to the member within 7 business days of their departure from .WAVCAVE Studio.

If a member plans on leaving the .WAVCAVE Studio, they must inform the studio founders 30-days prior to departure or risk forfeiting their deposit.